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Welcome to Zitek Associates!

We help organizations enhance performance by bridging difference in ways that support business goals and mission.

We develop strategies, talent, teams, leaders, and boards.

Do Any of These Situations Sound Familiar?

  • You’re running a very lean organization and need everyone to perform at 110%.

  • Your team is underperforming because people don’t see eye to eye due to differences in background or geographic location.

  • Your organization could be stronger if the board were more engaged or representative of more stakeholders.

  • To be competitive, you need to retain your best talent, who come from diverse backgrounds.

  • Your organization could be more successful if your services or products resonated better with customers, clients or patients from a wider variety of backgrounds.

  • Your organization suffers from communication breakdowns and missed deadlines among groups in different parts of the world.

Our expertise in cultural competence, global diversity and inclusion, and intercultural management helps our clients find new opportunities in today’s global, multicultural world.

In over 20 years of consulting, we have helped corporations, nonprofit organizations and government agencies to:

  • Forge stronger connections with wider groups of associates/employees, members, clients and patients

  • Strengthen the performance of workgroups, teams, boards and other groups

  • Change organizational culture in ways that are crucial to success.

We’d like to work with you.

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enhancing performance - bridging difference